Black Lives Matter & Disinformation

In Fall 2020, we conducted a preliminary open source investigation to understand how online targeting of Black Lives Matter (BLM) either discredited their work or, at minimum, raised suspicions about the movement. Our investigation started in October 2020 and concluded in early December 2020. The disinformation and misinformation targeting this movement from our research period overlapped with an intense 2020 U.S. national election.

The result is a three-part report, which you can access HERE. The first part is clarifying the types of disinformation we learned about in this research as we were cognizant that not all disinformation has the same reach and ability to harm. The second section offers an account of the online monitoring we did one week prior and one week subsequent to the U.S. election day of November 3, 2020. The third part of the report focuses on a few prominent Twitter users who have a pattern of posting false content that could be considered disinformation or misinformation, but have not been flagged by Twitter, despite the platform's rules to identify “misleading information.”