From an October 13, 2020 UCSC article by Matthew Renda about the open source research conducted by the Lab about the social unrest in Chile and its three public ArcGIS StoryMaps reports.

“'The massiveness of the protest captured the students’ imagination and their attention,' Falcón says. 'There was a feeling of being a witness to history and with these new open source research skills, a deep desire to do something.'

That something was the meticulous composition of three separate reports about the mass protests that began on October 19, 2019 — the first of which is a joint UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley visual investigation, which provides historical context and compares and contrasts the perspective of protestors and government leaders about the underlying societal factors that led to the mass demonstration. The second report from UCSC’s Investigations Lab explores the lives and deaths of 25 people who were killed during the protests in an attempt to determine whether there was a system-wide use of violence and intimidation by Chilean authorities. And the last investigation, also from UCSC’s lab, explores the final week in the life of activist Germán Arbuto."

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